The Method To My Madness

Hey there,

So you may or may not be wondering how and why I chose this topic for my website. If you don’t care, well listen up anyway. Space has always been a topic of principal interest within my family, especially between my older brother and I. We always keep up to date with the latest in cosmological news and technological development. So this lead us to the discovery of Elon Musk, a man with a big vision and the means to achieve it. During a conference late last year, he announced his full-scale plan to get humans to Mars. This plan not only gets humans to Mars, it ultimately establishes a colony on our red neighbor, and Elon wants this done sooner rather than later. According to Musk, the first manned missions to mars are expected to happen within the next 5-7 years! To many skeptics, this doesn’t sound possible for at least a few decades; however, I think that it is entirely possible to get us to Mars by 2024, and if anyone is capable of doing it, it’s Elon Musk. The mere idea that we could become a space-faring civilization in the not so distant future is absolutely incredible, which is why I chose this topic for all of my websites in this course.

If this topic didn’t even spark the smallest amount of interest or curiosity within you then you’re drunk and you should go home……


Until next time,



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